The selected theme for the sixteenth WAY General Assembly, to be held in Tirana, Albania is ‘Youth Leadership in Succession: Past and Future’. This theme has been chosen to draw attention to the importance of youth leadership-possession taking into consideration the fact that youth, worldwide, amount for approximately 3 billion people, making up almost half of the global population.

Never has it been clearer that young people hold a critical role in leading initiatives and developing policies especially when they make up such substantial portion of the overall world population. In fact, inclusion of young people in the design, implementation and evaluation of youth related development and leadership programmes, policies and services can ultimately result in more effective and sustainable solutions.

Thus, it goes without doubt that many programmes and policies developed should continue to focus on developing leadership skills in young people and encouraging their contribution and participation. Additionally, in order to achieve sustainable youth leadership, strong commitment, investment and support from young leaders and youth organizations is still required.

Acknowledging the significance and importance of youth-leadership World Assembly of Youth (WAY) hopes that exploring the issue during the XVI General Assembly shall be an appropriate platform to elevate all challenges related to youth-leadership, its development and advancement. Thereafter, Action Plans shall be developed and implemented at international, national and local levels.