Healthy and happy adolescents are in a better place to give out and to be the pillars and strengths of their societies as young citizens notwithstanding the major shifts occurring in the world they are about to inherit. It is not arguable that the youth represent one of the healthiest population groups as compared to other age groups.

The majority of youth have health issues that arise from bad habits and poor hygiene, persistent behavioral risks, poor basic sanitation, and new and emerging diseases. All these contribute to a deadly mix that is changing the classic picture of healthy youth. Other factors that contribute to youth health issues include accidents and injuries including those caused by insecurity, war and occupation. In all countries, whether developing, transitional or developed, disabilities and acute and chronic illnesses are often induced or compounded by economic hardship, unemployment, sanctions, embargoes, poverty or poorly distributed wealth. The cumulative toll of violence, HIV/AIDS and now tuberculosis on youth is adding to the already heavy price still being paid by child victims of malaria and vaccine-preventable diseases.

Relevant stakeholders have been working together or individually trying to address this issue and to combat the health crises faced by youths.

Information on Youth and Health (PDF)