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17th Global Youth Peace Fest-GYPF2024

The 17th Global Youth Peace Fest (GYPF) is set to take place from September 30 to October 2, 2024, in Giza, Egypt. This event, organized by Yuvsatta (Youth for Peace), India, and Have A Dream, Egypt, is anticipated to bring together over 500 young participants from 50 prominent countries worldwide.

17th Global Youth Peace Fest-GYPF2024
17th Global Youth Peace Fest-GYPF2024

Heure et lieu

30 sept. 2024, 00:00 – 02 oct. 2024, 00:00

Giza, Egypt

À propos de l'événement

The GYPF is an annual initiative organized by young people for young people. It aims to represent and unite young voices from diverse backgrounds, providing them with a platform to express their demands and aspirations. The event emphasizes the importance of youth participation in implementing and achieving sustainable development goals and encourages the creation of actionable projects for transformative change.

The overarching theme for GYPF 2024 is "Youth Leadership for Transformative Change." The main objectives include crowd-sourcing the demands and aspirations of young people to ensure their active involvement in shaping a peaceful and sustainable world. The organizers affirm the belief that all youth are part of one global family and aim to develop an action plan for educating and training individuals to promote co-existence and tolerance.

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