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World Habitat Day

October 3, 2022

The World Habitat Day is marked on the first Monday of October each year and this year falls on 3 October. The idea is to reflect on the state of the towns and cities and the basic right of all to adequate shelter. It is also intended to remind the world of its collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat.

Moreover, cities can also become a setting in which marginalisation, inequality and social exclusion can abound. Access to adequate housing is an important factor in ensuring this is avoided. An estimated 1.8 billion people were already living in slums and informal settlements, inadequate housing or in homelessness in our cities worldwide before the pandemic began. Some 3 billion people lack basic hand-washing facilities. This means millions of people worldwide are more likely to experience poor health due to the absence of basic services and exposure to multiple socio-economic and environmental hazards.

Hence, the theme for this year’s World Habitat Day is ‘Mind the Gap: Leave No One and Place Behind, and it will focus on growing inequalities and challenges in cities and human settlements. The Government of the Republic of Turkiye did host this year’s Global Observance of World Habitat Day on 3 October 2022 in the City of Balikesir in partnership with UN-Habitat.

The World Assembly of Youth (WAY) stands with young people, as they like others do have the right to adequate shelter and affordable housing. On this day, let us remind the world that young people have the power and the responsibility to shape the future of our cities and towns. We need to reflect on how we can shape the future of human settlements to be more resilient. We shall continue to advocate on the implementation of the New Urban Agenda at all levels, as well as the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Happy World Habitat Day!

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