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World Refugee Day

June 20, 2022

The World Refugee Day is observed annually on 20 of June, and it supports millions of families from all over the world, who have lost their homes and dear ones because of violence or war. It was established by the General Assembly of United Nations to honour refugees for their courage of facing lots of problems after losing homes due to conflict or violence and their contributions to their communities. This day of celebration provides an opportunity to all of us to land an hand to the refugees worldwide in rebuilding their quality lives through lots of related activities.

Every minute 20 people leave everything behind to escape war, persecution, or terror. Refugees are among the most vulnerable people in the world. There are several types of forcibly displaced persons: refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced persons, stateless persons, and returnees. All applications for refugee status must be given fair consideration, regardless of factors like race, religion, gender and country of origin. They should not be discriminated against at borders.

Many refugees are in exile to escape the effects of natural or human-made disasters. Hence, the theme for this year is ‘Whoever. Wherever. Whenever. Everyone has the right to seek safety.’ and is an occasion to build empathy and understanding for their plight and to recognise their resilience in rebuilding their lives. Everyone can make a difference, it is the responsibility of each one of us to make sure that no one is left behind. The focus is to bring about changes to make the world more inclusive.

We, at the World Assembly of Youth (WAY), on this day join other stakeholders in the mission of recognising and appreciating refugees from all around the globe. We would like to remind the world that everyone, including refugees, can contribute to society and that every action counts in the effort to create a more just, inclusive, and equal world. We advocate that the public sector and other stakeholders join us in global effort of protecting the rights of refugees around the world. They should have access to primary and secondary health care, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition and mental health services.

We call upon young people to unfold their innovative and creative sides! Now it is the time to bring about change, whoever, wherever, whenever can make a difference, and we can heal together!

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