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Youth and Democracy

Youth and Democracy

There is a need to cultivate a culture of democratic participation, especially among young people. Young people nowadays are equipped with equal and better opportunities to access information and gain knowledge about the concept of democracy and politics. This equal opportunity stretches out to participation of youth in democratic decisions like taking part in elections. However, even with the above given advantages that the youth have their interest in taking part in democratic matters is still lacking.

There are various reasons why youth choose to boycott partaking in democratic decisions. The disappointment with politics, the mistrust towards political parties and the complexity of democratic decision making process is creating this negative attitude among youth. They grow up seeing how the world turns out because of politics and most believe their efforts will not be even be recognized because they believe the system is corrupt. Problems related to or that arise from politics around the world dampen youth participation. Many countries still do not have fair elections to this day and that adds salt to the injury.

Relevant stakeholders, governments, NGOs, INGOs especially youth organisations and private sector, all are aware of the existing need to improve the participation of young people in democratic decision making processes. Governments still do not recognise the value of youth in sustaining and strengthening democracy. Democracy can only be sustained if all stakeholders and everyone concerned can pro actively foster and maintain democratic values and structures. Democracy has to be instilled at a very young age so that young citizens of the world can have internalised democratic principles and they can grow up to be young adults who are empowered to make responsible decisions.

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