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Youth and Education

Youth and Education

Education plays a very crucial factor in developing the creative thinking ability of young people and providing all the necessary skills and knowledge that are required to shape a competitive and productive individual. Generally, education helps young people to prepare themselves for challenges that they are going to face during adulthood.

The educational crisis among youth has been provoked by several sub-crises like low enrolment rate in primary and secondary education, poor quality of education, issues of gender imparity that are related to educational access and cases of neglected informal education programmes over formal education. Impacts of these sub- crises on the youth include unemployment, underemployment, health issues, low growth in nation's econom,y and they are barriers in promoting women's rights, self-expression, and civic engagement. Good education unleashes potential but with the absence of it, many opportunities that young people would have benefited from will be forgone.

Different stakeholders have been working towards an educated population, with youth being their main concern. Policies have been put in place to promote education and its benefits to young people. Various governments and private sector entities have sponsorship programmes that are aimed at helping the less fortunate to afford education. The media has also launched many educational programmes as a way to promote education among youth.

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