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Youth and Environment

Youth and Environment

Human beings and the environment are two things that codependent on one another. The problem today is that many people are ignorant and oblivious of their responsibility to the environment and have thus continued to unknowingly or knowingly carry out activities that are harmful to the environment. In order to counter this, great focus is being pointed at youth as agents of change to sustain the environment and create awareness among the whole human population.

Many environmental activities that are harmful to the environment are still in practice today. Such activities intensify today's environmental crises by further perpetuating major environmental issues including: climate-changes, endangered wild life and wild places, environmental degradation, pollution and scarcity of clean water. These five major environmental issues have the potential to devastatingly impact society particularly young people. Youths are faced with environmental health crisis; environmental food crisis and they live in a world where extinction of endangered species is at a high rate due to all these environmental issues.

International organisations, governments, the private sector, non-governmental organisations and media have responded wisely. They have contributed to the promotion of environmental awareness and have involved the youth in various activities that nourish their knowledge and responsibility towards the environment. The youth on their part have shown concern through great interests in learning various ways on how to conserve the environment or actively engaging in activities that are aimed at preserving the environment.

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