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Youth and Population

Youth and Population

Populations concerns are a major issue among societies and their devastating impacts affect the youth most as they are the larger portion of the world population. There are four major considerations with regard to population; overpopulation; limited natural and environmental resources; awareness and sensitization; and youth as a potential workforce.

Overpopulation occurs when the number of people in a particular area outnumbers the resources available to sustain them in that given area. It is a direct result of increased birth rates and decrease in human mortality rates. On the other hand, there is the issue of limited natural and environmental resources, especially in relation to non-renewable resources, which are continuously depleted due to extensive population growth in some parts of the world. It is pivotal to emphasize on the issue of awareness and sensitization with regard to youth and population. The above-mentioned issues are based on the fact that youth are the potential workforce and they could potentially perpetuate environmental degradation and depletion. It is therefore substantial to look into the impacts of population towards youth that include food and water shortage, environmental degradation, social, economic, and political impacts.

Given that population and its impacts, affect not only certain groups of societies, but also the global community as a whole, many international organisations, governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, private sectors, media and youth themselves have shown their concern and even contribute in efforts to minimize and solve population related issues globally.

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