WHO Health for all Film Festival: Call for Submissions

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Dear members,

Greetings from the World Assembly of Youth (WAY) Headquarters! 

In May 2020, during the 73rd World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, WHO will host the first ever Health for All Film Festival. The Festival aims to recruit a new generation of film and video innovators to champion and promote global health issues.

WHO is seeking submissions from both seasoned film professionals and young, aspiring filmmakers. Participants are invited to submit one video for one of the categories outlined below by January 30, 2020 (final submission date). Only films completed between 1 January 2017 and 30 January 2020 are eligible for this festival.


  1. Video reports (3-8 minutes long)
    Video reports showing human-interest stories and testimonies about health from individuals, communities, and/or healthcare workers navigating a local or global health challenge, championing solutions, or driving change.

  2. Animations (1-5 minutes long)
    Animation videos that include either testimonials and/or challenges and solutions to achieving health and well-being for all, or to educate about a health issue.

  3. Videos about nurses and midwives (3-8 minutes long)
    Any audiovisual style will be accepted for submissions on this special theme during the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, celebrated in 2020.

More information

Please see https://www.who.int/film-festival for more information including the rules regarding application and eligibility.

Access the application tool to submit your application.

Please help us to spread the word about the festival by sharing the leaflet attached to this email through your networks.

WAY and WHO look forward to receiving your submission.



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