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Youth and Human Development

Youth and Human Development

Development in terms of biological and psychological aspects is completely normal for human beings. Human development studies focus more on psychological development of humans due to the level of vulnerability associated with it. This vulnerability is influenced by external and internal factors that pose as obstacles to human development, especially youth development. The major challenge in youth development is how to actualize the creation of an environment that is advantageous for positive youth development. Creating a positive environment ensures that there is equality in human capabilities and human rights for everyone.

Human development and human rights are two concepts that go hand in hand. The two are interrelated in a way that they both emphasize on the importance of human freedom and privileges. In order to develop young people, it is important to enlarge their human capabilities by ensuring they have great access to knowledge and skills, that they have better nutrition and health, they have secure livelihoods and they have access to basic social services. Unfortunately, due to globalisation, many human rights related issues surface because of the existence of inequality in both opportunity and chance such as unequal access to resources due to poverty.

To achieve productive youth development, the need for education, better working conditions, access to health service and other resources to all regardless of whether they are poor or rich is required. In order to acknowledge the challenges brought by youth and human development, various key stakeholders have been directly and indirectly contributing in creating an environment that boost the possibility of achieving positive youth development

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