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GNEC Hackathon

The GNEC Hackathon is your opportunity to make a real impact. Collaborate, create, and compete in a three-week online competition centered around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

GNEC Hackathon
GNEC Hackathon

Time & Location

Mar 29, 2024, 12:00 AM – May 10, 2024, 12:00 AM

Virtual Event:

About the event

The GNEC Hackathon is organized by the Global NGO Executive Committee (GNEC), the World Assembly Of Youth (WAY) and many other organizations around the world. It is a three-week online event where teams develop projects inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our mission is to educate and empower participants to contribute  to sustainability. GNEC is  partnering  with NGOs  around the  globe to help  enhance this  experience by showcasing  the  vital work of  these  organizations.   During the event, our  NGO partners  are encouraged to host  workshops to  share  their work  and inspire participants with their mission. Sponsors are  also asked to  provide internship and mentorship  opportunities for event  winners, allowing  participants to grow and form long-lasting relationships with experts and industry veterans.

Dates for the 2024 GNEC Hackathon

Between opening and closing ceremonies, project development period and judging phases, we hope to see you there!

29 March 2024 | 12.00 PM (EST) Opening Ceremony

Online @ Youtube Live

The beginning of the hackathon, featuring guest speakers, the unveiling of the project theme, and an overview of the event's structure and objectives. Lineup TBD.

29 March - 30 April 2024 Working Period

Online @ Devpost

This phase of project development, where participants actively work on their ideas, attend workshops, and have the opportunity to seek guidance and collaborate.

1-7 May 2024 Judging Period

A panel of judges evaluates the submitted projects to determine the winners of the hackathon.

10 May 2024 | Youtube Live Closing Ceremony

In-person @ 2024 UN Civil Society Conference, Nairobi, Kenya | Online @ Youtube Live

The finale of the hackathon, where winners are announced, achievements are celebrated, and guest speakers provide concluding remarks and insights.

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