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ITUSecGen's New Youth Advisory Board

December 20, 2023

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Are you interested in offering practical advice to the head of @ITU & contributing to shaping the future of global connectivity? 

The ITU Secretary-General's Youth Advisory BoardSGs Youth advisory board

The ITU Secretary-General's Youth Advisory Board is a dynamic and forward-thinking initiative that empowers young individuals to shape the future of global connectivity. This advisory board is all about action and results, offering practical advice to the ITU Secretary-General. The board will provide diverse youth perspectives, and concrete recommendations to enhance worldwide cooperation in bridging the digital divide, “connecting the unconnected" and aligning ITU's programs with the Sustainable Development Goals. 

At the heart of this initiative is the goal of giving young people a direct voice within ITU and bringing fresh, innovative, and inclusive perspectives to the table. Starting a two-year term in February 2024, members of the inaugural Youth Advisory Board will be selected by the ITU Secretary-General from a global pool of exceptional candidates.

The purpose of this board is:

  • To provide youth perspectives on the future vision of ITU and the role that ITU can play in promoting equitable, affordable, universal, innovative, and safe connectivity. 

  • To contribute ideas and recommendations on how to narrow the digital divide and harness technology for the greater good of society; responsibilities may encompass researching innovative solutions, providing analysis, collaborating with youth networks and communities, and formulating recommendations to ensure technology is accessible.

  • To provide youth feedback on ITU's work programmes, management approaches, and human resources development.

  • To support ITU initiatives and promote ITU's work among youth audience worldwide. 

  • To share insights on the potential of information and communication technologies, emerging technologies and ITU's role in closing existing gaps. To consult with youth networks to get feedback on ideas for connectivity, emerging technologies including AI, the space economy, e-waste and the circular economy, leveraging digital technologies for climate change monitoring, mitigation and adaptation, amongst other priority areas priorities for ITU. 

This Youth Advisory Board will consist of 12 young, exceptional individuals from 6 ITU Regions (Africa, Americas, Arab states, Asia and the Pacific, Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe)  (2 per region) who dive into a wide array of telecommunications-related topics, from artificial intelligence and quantum technology to the Internet of Things, cybersecurity, space sustainability, the future of network technology and much more. They will bring a wealth of knowledge about technology, regulatory issues, and policy matters in the ICT sector.  

Apply for @ITUSecGen's new Youth Advisory Board by 12 Jan to help enhance cooperation in bridging the digital divide:

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