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International Day of Happiness

March 20, 2022

The International Day of Happiness is observed annually on 20 March and is celebrated as a way to recognise the importance of wellbeing in the lives of people around the world. The need for a more inclusive, equitable, and balanced approach to economic and social growth that promotes sustainable development, poverty eradication, happiness, and the wellbeing of all people, should be the fundamental human goal.

Happiness is a universal human right and this day aims to reduce global inequalities, end poverty, and protect the planet for future generations. In these challenging times that the world is going through right now, wellbeing matters more than ever. Let us all unite and win the fight against these unprecedented challenges by being safe, informed, and kind to one another. Happiness is a sense of wellbeing, joy or contentment, and a lifestyle, whose importance and interpretation cannot be standardised.

There are many crisis situations happening around the world, like in Ukraine, Yemen, Palestine, Libya, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere. Today on the International Day of Happiness we are reminded that our actions matter and that each of us can help build a more compassionate world, wherever we are. Hence, the theme of this year's International Day of Happiness focuses on individual characteristics ‘Keep Calm, Stay Wise, Be Kind.’ and we need to promote and advance worldwide solidarity and unity.

We, at the World Assembly of Youth (WAY), recognise this day as a vital human goal and we call upon countries, youth councils, NGOs, and young people to approach public policies in ways that improve the wellbeing of everyone. On this day, young people could use their voices to should spread ideas that promote peace, kindness, and understanding, online and in real life. Additionally, we should acknowledge that in order to attain global happiness, health, and wellbeing, it must be accompanied by a balance of social, economic, and environmental wellbeing. We can help spread happiness and secure peace for better tomorrow that we all wish for.

On this day, we also would like to encourage that happiness should bloom from within and is achieved by appreciating present moment, making peace with the past and enthusiastically looking, forward to the future. Thus, we pledge all of you, not to find happiness but to create one for not only yourself but also the better good of all.

Happy International Day of Happiness!

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